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What is COB microLED Display

COB MicroLED is similar to a classic LED screen but with one crucial difference: it employs an innovative method to directly mount red, green, and blue chips onto a printed circuit board (PCB). In simpler terms, it’s a single device with multiple LED chips mounted on a board.

COB microLED Display

We supply a full range of COB microLed Display in Malaysia. Pixel pitches available for COB microLED are COB0.7, COB0.9, COB1.2 COB1.5, and COB1.8.

Suitable for medium to large LED screen installations. COB microLED display is commonly used in retails, meeting room, entrance/lobby or theater/stage.

Indoor LED Screen at Lotus Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

COB Technology Resistance

Flip-Chip COB technology elevates durability to
unparalleled levels with exceptional resistance
to physical impact, water, dust and ESD.

Unveiling the Purest Black

Vanta 5H Black Matte Film (BMF) coating technology is meticulously designed to provide greater detail in dark scenes while ensuring an eye-friendly and comfortable viewing experience.

Comfortable Viewing Experience

Benefit from VANTA 5H Black Matte Film (BMF)
matter coated surface, ensuring umblemished LED
surface with minimal reflection from any ambient
light or viewing angle.

Unlocking Vivid Colors and Stunning Images

COB MicroLED  technology is a groundbreaking innovation that takes visual experiences to the next level. By directly mounting red, green, and blue LED chips onto a printed circuit board (PCB), COB MicroLED offers several advantages, with vivid colors and stunning image quality being at the forefront.

This advanced technology delivers true-to-life imagery, thanks to the unique combination of three-color values. These chips work together to achieve a higher color gamut, resulting in incredibly vibrant and accurate colors. Whether you’re watching your favorite movies, playing video games, or working on graphic-intensive tasks, COB MicroLED ensures that every detail is rich, sharp, and visually captivating.

Expanding Horizons: The 170° Viewing Angle

When it comes to screens and displays, seeing is believing. Imagine having a viewing experience that offers more than just what’s in front of you. With a 170° viewing angle, you can embrace the whole picture.

A 170° viewing angle is your window to a wider, more immersive visual experience. It means you can see the content on your screen from almost any angle, whether you’re sitting directly in front of it or enjoying the view from the side. There’s no need to be glued to a specific spot to appreciate what’s on the screen.


Energy Saving


Smooth-touching Flatness


Easy Installation

Applications of COB microLED Display

Indoor LED Screen at Under Armour Pavilion


Indoor LED Screen at Ministry Office

Meeting Room

Indoor LED Screen at Menara Worldwide KL

Entrance / Lobby

Indoor LED Screen at Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture

Theater / Stage

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