Small LED Module, Infinite Possibilities.

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LED Screen Display

Small LED Module, Infinite Possibilities.

LED Screen Display

We are a professional LED display supplier in Malaysia. We provide different types of LED display products. Our standard products include indoor LED screen display wall, outdoor LED screen, transparent LED screen, mesh LED screen, curtain LED screen, flexible LED screen, and creative LED screen.

The whole product line up is covered by two (2) years local Malaysia warranty. We have great confidence in our product quality.

Product Line Up

Our Solutions Product Thumb

BIG Indoor Fine Pitch

Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen
P1.0 to P2.5

Indoor LED Content

BIG Indoor

Standard LED Screen
P2.5 to P10

LED Screen Display Supplier. Big outdoor LED.

BIG Outdoor

Outdoor LED Screen
IP65 Rated, P2.5 to P10


BIG Transparent

Glass / Mesh / Curtain LED Screen for Building Glass / Wall Installation


BIG LED Standee

Full Direct View LED Standee
P1.9 / P2.5


BIG Creative

Flexible / Triangular / Dance Floor LED Screen for Creative Entertainment Art Installation

Product Guarantee

We offer only premium quality LED display products to our customers as we believe quality products are essential for better product ownership experience. Less service and maintenance are required throughout the product lifespan. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for the buyer and the seller. Beside that, we are also committed to provide service & maintenance for the products we offered throughout the entire lifespan of the products.

Hence, we give two (2) years product warranty for all LED screen display products. Service & maintenance are included during the two years period. No additional cost will incur to the customers, for totally peace-of-mind ownership experience. 

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