Frost n Bites One Utama


1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya


2 x VEXO Digital Signage 49″

About Digital Signage

Digital signage is widely used by F&B businesses in engaging their customers. Frost n Bites One Utama has installed two units of VEXO Digital Signage at its store. The 49-inches signages are used to display food menus and promotional content. The signages can help customers in making quicker purchase decisions.

About Frost n Bites

Frost n Bites is a well-known gelato business in Malaysia. Gelato is a frozen dessert that is originated from Italy. It is different from traditional ice-cream as it contains less cream (butterfat content).

When gelato was introduced to the Malaysians in early 2000s, it was a hit and people love it. Inspired by the phenomena, Frost n Bites starts to serve gelato with delicious toppings and sauces. Since then, the brand has been working hard to offer customers with the most innovative gelato and desserts.