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Pertubuhan Ghulam Al Dakwah Selangor


Bukit Jelutong, Selangor

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About Pertubuhan Ghulam Al Dakwah Selangor

Ustaz Abd Muein has been serving as the founder and chairman of Pertubuhan Ghulam Al Dakwah Selangor since 2015. This NGO, registered with the Malaysian Organizations Registration Department, is actively involved in da’wah (Islamic outreach) and welfare activities. This organization’s primary focus is on nurturing quality preachers rooted in the Quran and Sunnah, with the goal of spreading Islamic teachings, particularly in areas where it has yet to reach.

Pertubuhan Ghulam Al Dakwah Selangor is also dedicated to organizing preaching missions in rural areas, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak, where the need for Daie (Islamic preachers) is pronounced. The organization aims to share Islamic messages based on the Al-Quran and As Sunnah. The history of Ghulam Al Dakwah’s establishment traces back to the idea of organizing the Ghulam Al Dakwah Camp. This initiative, aimed at reaching out to the youth and increasing awareness of Islamic preaching, began with the first Camp Ghulam Al Dakwah held on December 25-28, 2014. Ustaz Abd Muein managed the camp, with oversight from Bro. Syafiq Rozman.


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