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About Samsung Flip 2

Samsung Flip 2 is a smart interactive panel that provides users with a smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience, in a variety available styles and colors. Up to 4 users can write simultaneously, and users can erase the writing or drawing with finger or palm swipe.

Samsung Flip 2 allows brush painting mode with a wide range of brush thicknesses. Besides, it allows users to write on any background source. It is suitable for all business needs, such as large audience sharing and synchronized screen sharing. It also allows you to connect your PC to the board remotely, meaning any meeting can be started without a PC in the room, to avoid delays and to ensure efficiency. 

About Vega Hermosa

Vega Hermosa International main mission is to educate Malaysians in becoming world class traders. We believe that we as a country, need to step up our game in the world of trading and investments

We want to educate Malaysians that they HAVE the option to generate another income other than their salary. Everything is growing, evolving but with that, expenses also increases… Do we have enough to survive? Can we even survive is a better question.

We have several programs that we believe will transform stay at home moms, working class citizens even university students into proficient traders.