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ZMI Global Sdn Bhd


Shah Alam, Selangor

About Interactive Smartboard

Smartboard is a technology tool used in business and corporate offices to enhance engagement and communication. It is all-in-one feature product with touch screen interaction, smooth writing experience, equipped with latest hardware, screen mirroring features, and built in video conferencing system to replace the traditional projector screen and other systems in a common meeting room setup.

About ZMI Global Sdn Bhd

Incorporated in June 2020, ZMI Global Sdn Bhd has swiftly established itself as a trailblazer in the industry, aspiring to be a leading provider of Traffic Management Plans (TMP), precise land surveys, and accurate underground mapping solutions. Initially facing challenges in gaining recognition for the merits of TMP, land survey, and underground mapping, the company has evolved to become a reputable entity, offering clients precise and compliant data while meeting their specific requirements. ZMI Global Sdn Bhd stands out through strategic partnerships, including collaborations with licensed surveyors from Inter Survey Consultant, ensuring meticulous monitoring of all TMP and survey works. Committed to excellence, the company integrates the latest software and technologies into their services, providing clients with not just data but accurate diagnostic analysis. With a strong emphasis on authenticity and transparency, ZMI Global Sdn. Bhd. is reshaping industry standards, setting a benchmark for precision, compliance, and technological innovation in every TMP, survey, and mapping solution.

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