Fine Pitch LED Display

Small Pixel LED Screen Display from P1.0 to P2.5.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content
Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content


Small Pixel LED Screen Display from P1.0 to P2.5.

Fine Pitch LED Display

Small Pixel LED Screen Display from P1.0 to P2.5.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display

Big Indoor Fine Pitch series is our small pixel pitch LED screen display product lineup for resolution-sensitive applications, where the space between each pixel has to be less than 2.5mm. A close viewing distance as short as 1 meter is possible.

normal pixel pitch LED screen display, fine pitch LED screen display is not going to produce any grainy effect.

It is suitable for high resolution indoor applications, such as large TV replacement beyond 100 inches with 4K or Full HD resolution, meeting rooms, conference rooms, sales gallery and halls.

As a professional LED display supplier, we have various pixel pitches. Pixel pitch options available are 
P1.0, P1.2, P1.3, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2.0 and P2.5.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

Fully Front Accessible

The fine pitch series LED module is designed to be attached to the die-cast magnesium alloy panel via strong magnetic attachments.

The LED module, power supply and receiving card are fully serviceable from front, reducing the need of having a service platform at the back. Therefore, the installation can be slimmer.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

Flexible Installation Method

Our fine pitch series LED panel supports three different types of installation methods. Depending on your needs, it can be:

  • Standalone with steel frame backing
  • Hanging with optional hanging bars
  • Wall mounted
Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content
Indoor LED Display

Different Specs, Same Size

We utilize 640mm x 480mm LED panel size for our Fine Pitch series.

It does not matter whether you choose P1.0, P1.2, P1.3, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2.0 or P2.5, the overall screen size can be the same.

Therefore, it gives you truly flexible selection with different price range and screen sharpness that you are seeking in your installation.

High Resolution

High density LED display module for superior sharpness and visual clarity. Available with pixel pitch up to 1.0mm with just 1 meter of viewing distance.

High Brightness

Our fine pitch series offers brightness up to 1,000 nits. Therefore, the screen remains visible even under a harsh lighting condition. Room lights can remain on even when using our LED screen.


The panel is manufactured by using high precision mold & CNC process, with joint accuracy up to 0.01mm. Therefore, the assembly is made of perfect joints for uniform display.

High Contrast

By using black body LED lamp encapsulation technique, the fine pitch series can offer up to 5,000:1 contrast ratio for deeper black and brighter white.


Cast using magnesium alloy material, which is well-known as a lightweight material. Each panel weights only 7.85KG.

High Refresh Rate

Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) driving ICs for 3,840 Hz of screen refresh rate. Our screens are free from flickering even when recording using smartphones.

LED Screen VS Videowall

Videowall was a popular choice few years ago with the ability to form a giant screen by cascading multiple of TV-like screens with slim bezels. However, videowall has some problems such as:

  • Visible bezels between each videowall panel
  • Grid lines across the screen and it does not look good, especially on people’s faces
  • Each panel requires a very precise tuning & calibration to get even brightness and colours
  • One broken panel becomes a major issue as it affects the rest of the panels due to looping video signal

Our BIG indoor series’ LED Screen Display is bezel-less and seamless. Each LED module is tuned and calibrated from the factory. In short, our LED display can give you seamless and uniform visual experience.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content
Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

LED Screen VS Projector Screen

Are you still using projector screen? We believe you will face the following problems.

  • Projector screen is dim and not bright enough
  • Must turn off the lights / cover the windows when using the projector
  • Have to change the lamp bulb every few months
  • Need to service the filters and fans to prevent projector from overheating

If yes, then it is the right time to go for LED screen display and all of above problems can be mitigated. Our BIG Indoor series LED screen display is bright, vivid, and is maintenance free. The difference is day and night once you upgrade to our solution.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

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