Magnimage LED-550D Video Processor - Video Processor Supplier Malaysia

Magnimage LED-550D

LED-550D Video Processor

  • Suitable for a large screen display system
  • Internal 12 bits processing
  • Advanced image scaling technology

Magnimage LED-550D Video Processor

The LED-550D is a powerful video processor designed for various LED display applications. It can support full HD input signal. It also can be connected with various video and audio equipment.

What is a Video Processor?

A video processor is used to process and convert incoming video signals. Incoming video signals need to be converted into formats that can be understood by the video player or the LED display.

Magnimage LED-550D Video Processor - Video Processor Supplier Malaysia


  • 7 inputs – 2 x AV, 2 x VGA, 1 x DVI, 1 x DP and 1 X HDMI
  • 1 expanded input – VGA, DVI or SDI
  • Support DP input.
  • Customized output resolution.
  • Seamless video splicing.
  • DVI loop.
  • Customized DVI input resolution.
  • Brightness control.
  • Image enhancement.
  • Seamless switching with 20 switching effects.
  • Dual image.
  • Support USB-disk playback.

Seamless Splicing

Video Splicing is possible with one unit used as the master control. Support infinite DVI loop.

LED-550D Video Splicing


Input Port

2 x AVNTSC and PAL.
2+1 x VGAVESA. 2 fixed inputs + 1 optional expanded input.
1+1 x DVIVESA. 1 fixed input + 1 optional expanded input.
1 x DPHDMI 1.3, EIA/CEA-861
1 x SDI*1080i/p (3G SDI), 720p, 576i, 480i

Output Port

1 x DVI LOOPConsistent with DVI input.
1 x VGA, 2 x DVISupport customized output resolution with max width of 3840px and max height of 1920px.
1 x SDI LOOP*1080i/p (3G SDI), 720p, 576i, 480i

Tech Specs

Power100V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption20W
Working Temperature0°C to 45°C
Dimension483.0mm x 288.0mm x 54.5mm
Net Weight2.6 kg

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