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Novastar TB2 LED Media Player

NovaStar TB2

LED Media Player

  • Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels
  • Powerful processing capability
  • Omnidirectional control plan

NovaStar TB2 LED Media Player

The TB2 is an LED media player developed by NovaStar and it is mainly used for small and medium LED display applications. The player supports screen control and content publishing via devices such as PC, LAN and mobile phone.

What is an LED Multimedia Player?

An LED multimedia player is an important component within an LED display system. It is widely used in commercial display fields such as retail advertising, in-store display and window display.

Novastar TB2 LED Media Player


  • 1.5 GHz four-core processor.
  • Support 1080p video hardware decoding.
  • 8GB internal storage.
  • 1GB operating memory.
  • Support switching on/off function of synchronous display.
  • Support Gigabit wired network.
  • Support stereo audio output.
  • Support synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode.
  • Support Wi-Fi AP connection.
  • Ensure the system safety through channel encryption, permission management and data fingerprint.
  • Omnidirectional control plan.
  • Support HDMI input mode.
  • Support USB-drive importing display.


Front Panel

AUDIOAudio output.
USBUSB 2.0 port.
PWRPower status indicator.
SYSSystem status indicator.
CLOUDInternet connection status indicator.
RUNFPGA status indicator.
RESETFactory reset button.
SWITCHButton for switching synchronous and asynchronous modes.

Real Panel

ETHERNETGigabit Ethernet port.
Wi-Fi APWi-Fi antenna port.
HDMI INHDMI 1.4 input.
LED OUTOutput Ethernet port.
PWRPower input.

Tech Specs

Power5V DC
Power Consumption15W
Working Temperature-40°C to 75°C
Working Humidity0% RH to 80% RH
Dimension178mm x 102.5mm x 28.5mm
Net Weight384.1 g
Storage Capacity1GB Operating Memory, 8GB Internal Storage

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