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Why Go For Smart Thermal Screening?


Non-contact body temperature measurement to avoid physical contact.


One second per person for skin-surface temperature detection.


AI detection. Reduce false alarms due to other heat sources.


  • AI technology ensures thermographic cameras to only detect human skin-surface temperature. It helps to reduce false alarms due to other heat sources.
  • Compensation algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better accuracy.
  • Thermal Technology has been applied widely in temperature screening scenarios as it offers more flexibility and efficiency in preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures.
Thermal Imager. Thermographic camera. Smart thermal screening.

Thermal Imager


A type of thermographic camera that captures and renders temperature from infrared radiation. Show readings on the computer screen.

Thermal Imager. Thermographic camera. Temperature scanning.
face recognition thermal tablet. Smart thermal screening.

Face Recognition Thermal Tablet


Android based tablet with thermal camera, integrated with face recognition and data recording system.

face recognition thermal tablet.
5in1 Thermal Screening signage. Smart Thermal Screening.

5-in-1 Thermal Screening Signage


Integrated digital signage, camera tablet, sanitizer dispenser, tissue box and dustbin in one package.

5in1 thermal screening signage

The average normal body temperature is 37°C (98.6°F). Your body temperature might be lower or higher due to several factors such as time of day, gender, age, and activity level. 

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