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Beverly WM Sdn Bhd

Equine Residence Sales Gallery, Selangor


Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED Screen is commonly used in shopping malls, sales galleries, building lobbies, hotel ballrooms and conference halls. LED Screen with a smaller pixel pitch is always a better option for indoor applications because the viewing distance is shorter.

Our team at Big Screen Media Malaysia is honored to be commissioned by Beverly WM Sdn Bhd, to install a P2.5 LED Screen at the Equine Residence Sales Gallery.

Our BIG Indoor LED Screen Display is a great option to display your messages and information. We only use the premium quality LED modules. Each module is tuned and calibrated carefully, to provide users the best possible visual experience.

About Beverly Group

Beverly Group‘s office is located in Kuala Lumpur since the group has a pipeline of main projects in Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of the Singapore company, Qingdao Investment Pte Ltd.

Beverly Group is involved in development and construction of residential projects in Malaysia. The group’s first project is outstanding. It is the Marc Service Residence at KLCC. Until today, the residence is still the most sought-after property in Kuala Lumpur. 

Years ago, the Group has launched the Equine Residence project on its 16.5 acres of land in Equine Park, Selangor. 

The Group believes in creating lifestyle concepts that can provide enjoyment to their customers.

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