LED Screen Display

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Creative LED Screen Display for DJ Counter Booth

Creative LED Display

Our BIG Creative line up comprises of special types of LED screen displays that can be used for creative installations. Get ready to amaze your audience.

LED screen display is made of flat rectangular LED panels, which can be limited if you are looking for extraordinary applications. Creative LED Screen Display helps to break away from ordinary-ness with full range of creative LED panels. 

We can do
Cube, Triangle, Circle, Cylinder, Curved and even Sphere LED screen display. Therefore, it is truly up to you to decide what you really want to achieve!

Here are some of the inspirations to spur your creativity.

LED Cube

LED Cube refers to 4-side or up to 6-sided of rectangular polygon covered with LED panels.

LED Sphere

Spherical LED screen that can be used as a globe to show earth or some other spherical contents.

LED Cylinder

360-degree Cylindrical LED Screen Display.

LED Triangular

3-sided Triangular LED for odd shapes LED screen.

Circular / Ring LED

Single-sided, 2-sided or 3-sided Circular Ring LED Screen.

DJ Counter Booth

Creative LED Screen Display for DJ Counter Booth.

And Many More!

And some unique ones are here.

Creative LED Screen Customization

Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out! 

We provide customization service to make your one-of-the-kind creative LED screen display. Just let us know about your ideas, then our team will come up with a complete proposal to help you achieve what you have in mind!

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