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Videowall Digital Display Content

Videowall Display

Videowall digital display or video wall is a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, projectors, or televisions.

Videowall Digital Display Content

Display Virtually Any Content

A videowall controller can capture signals in different resolutions and formats from a wide range of devices. For example, the cameras, computers, cable boxes, and more. All of these content sources can then be judged on a single platform and displayed together on the video wall.

Besides, a projector or display alone can only connect with certain devices. And is unable to display multiple sources at the same time.

Videowall Digital Display Content

Groundbreaking up to 0.44mm Even Bezel

The suprising Razor-thin up to 0.44mm. Even bezel design delivers one immersive, smooth image and makes content look like the actual original image. Besides, without any distortions, it can illustrate a subject perfectly true to form.

Videowall Digital Display Content

Creativity with Videowall Display Shapes and Sizes

Videowall Digital Display Content

“Tiling” multiple display devices create a videowall together. By tiling displays, videowalls of any size and aspect ratio can be built, often in very creative ways. A videowall display layout never has to be limited to the standard 16:9, 16:10, or 4:3 aspect ratios of single displays. Additionally, displays in a videowall can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Even mix of both, further improve creative possibilities.

Multi-Screen Digital Signage

Videowall Digital Display Content
Videowall Digital Display Content
Videowall Digital Display Content

By sum up the SMP player with a video wall controller, stunning visual effects can be created to stretch across a group of large-size flat panels. Besides, the video wall is the most suitable digital signage solution for stadiums and halls.

Videowall Digital Display Content

3 Reasons Why Videowall Is A Smart Investment

A video wall consists of multiple monitors arranged together to create the visual of one large screen. This has some benefits. For a start, the resolution and quality are greatly enhanced. Perhaps more importantly, its reach and engagement power are matchless. But this isn’t the only benefit. Let’s look at more.

Flexibility with Many Variations

Unusual video wall forms and shapes. Allowing you to choose from different sizes and shapes of your video wall composition.

Besides, using specific mounting equipment, you can fix your displays to the wall, or have them in a free-standing position.

Higher Content Quality

Without a doubt, this platform allows for higher resolutions than ever. Before as the resolution itself increases with each individual display added to this digital puzzle.

Besides, that not only is the size of content increased, but also its resolution and quality. After that, it can be easily calculated by summing up the width and height of all screens in your video wall.

Made for Entertainment

Using video walls in a creative and interesting way can catch attention and ignite curiosity in every viewer. Entertainment and video walls are an excellent combination, exactly because of the eye-catching factor.

Videowall Installation

Videowall Digital Display Content

A Slim and Easily Configurable Wall Mount Adaptive to your Business Needs.

Videowall Digital Display Content

This professional video TV wall mount comes with Lock Push System and 8 micro-adjustment places. 

Support TV from 50 to 70 inch. It is suitable for landscape or portrait screen mounting.

Videowall Digital Display Content

Applications of Videowall Display

A video can be of terrific use for any industry you can name. An extraordinary allows display the content more efficiently than a standard digital display. However, certain environments can benefit from them more than others.

Videowall Control Room

Retail / Monitoring Center

Videowall Digital Display Content


Videowall Digital Display Content

Stock Exchange / Trading Room

Videowall Digital Display Content

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Videowall Digital Display Content

Retail Advertising

Videowall Digital Display Content

Building Lobby

Video Wall Specifications

Available in different sizes and resolutions, our portfolio always contains the perfect solution for your application. Therefore, our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure you get the most out of your video wall.

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