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Outdoor LED Screen

P2.0 to P10 Outdoor LED Screen Display & Digital Billboard.
IP65 Outdoor Grade & up to 7,500 nits brightness.

Outdoor LED Content
Outdoor LED Content

Outdoor LED Display

P2.0 to P10 Outdoor LED Screen Display.
IP65 Outdoor Grade & 7,500 nits brightness. 2 Years Warranty.

BIG OUTDOOR LED Screen Display

We supply full range of outdoor LED screen display and digital billboard in Malaysia, marketed under BIG Outdoor series, with pixel pitch available from P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, P5.0, P6.6, P8 to P10.

The outdoor LED screen display is different compared to indoor LED screen display product. It is weatherproof and has high brightness capabilities. Therefore, it is very commonly used as outdoor digital billboard, outdoor advertising board, stadium scoreboard, safety and health information board, and many more.

Digital Billboard at Wisma Merdeka, with P10 Outdoor LED Screen

Premium Quality, Superior Reliability

Outdoor LED Screen requires stable and quality components in order to operate reliably. Therefore, we select the right components so that the BIG Outdoor series LED screen can work 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions. The highlights of our outdoor LED screen include:

  • Grade A Led Lamps for brightness up to 7,500 nits
  • High refresh driving IC for screen refresh frequency up to 1,920 to 3,840 Hz
  • Low operating voltage of 4.2V for up to 20% power saving
  • SS-PWM IC for high colour greyscale levels of 14 – 16-bits
  • Custom molded module mask for superior contrast and protection
  • Strengthened LED module back frame for extra rigidity and uniformity
  • Fully coated PCB with conformal coating for anti-corrosion and moisture-proof
Outdoor LED Content
Digital Billboard High Brightness
Outdoor LED Content

High Brightness LED Lamp

LED lamp is the most important component in any outdoor LED screen product. Therefore, we select only the high quality LED lamps with high brightness and superior waterproof LED encapsulation. 

In addition to that, we source from grade A outdoor LED lamp manufacturers such as Nationstar and Kinglight to ensure stable and reliable quality for our BIG Outdoor series product line up.

As a result, our BIG Outdoor series is made to be more durable and long lasting, giving you a better Return of Investment (ROI) compared to the other no-brand or sub-standard products.

Digital Billboard High Brightness

High Refresh Rate Driving IC

Do you realize that there are some ugly horizontal lines on the screen quite often, whenever you try to capture an image of an outdoor digital billboard? This is due to the low refresh rate of the LED screen.

In order to solve that, our BIG Outdoor series LED screen display utilizes high refresh rate driving IC that will drive the LED lamps at a rate of 3,840Hz. 
The refresh rate is so high that the screen will appear just fine in a captured photo without any line, even though the photo was taken by using a modern smartphone.

Outdoor LED Content

Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy Panels

We pair the BIG Outdoor series LED Screen Display with purpose made die-cast magnesium alloy panels as our standard, which is not only lightweight, but also stronger and more precise than normal steel iron panels. Features include:

  • Strong & lightweight magnesium alloy material
  • Aerospace signal & electrical connectors
  • Superior accuracy for seamless joint
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Weatherproof
Outdoor LED Content

Steel Iron Panel

For budget oriented solution, we can also pair the BIG Outdoor series LED Screen Display with steel iron panel. We do not compromise on the quality of the product even if we go with alternative panel material. Features include:

  • Strong and durable 1.5mm cold formed sheet metal with powder coating
  • Silicone sealed for joints and gaps for better weatherproofing
  • Build-in exhaust fans for higher heat dissipation and system ventilation
  • Handles for easier transportation and movement of the LED panels
  • Included panel door locks for added security and protection against vandalism
Many outdoor LED screens and digital billboards are still constructed with this panel material due to the cost efficiency it provides. 
Outdoor LED Content

Pixel Level Calibration System

Our BIG Outdoor series LED Screen Display product line up fully supports latest and greatest pixel level calibration by Novastar, a leading company in LED display calibration solution. Therefore, the solution is capable of:

  • Full depth brightness level calibration up to pixel level
  • Bright and dark lines correction
  • Up to 2,000 x 1,000 pixels of calibration per zone
  • Up to 2,000,000 pixels calibration speed per hour
  • Supports curved screen and irregular screen calibration

Applications of Outdoor LED Screen Display

Applications Outdoor LED Content

Digital Billboard

LED Screen Display is used as digital billboard to display few advertisements at once, maximizing profit for billboard owners.

Applications Outdoor LED Content

Advertising Board

Use the LED Screen Display as the advertising board mounted on the building to display videos and images, or for branding purposes.

Applications Outdoor LED Content


LED Screen Display can be installed at the stadium as a scoreboard to show live scores or even live footage of the game for the audience.

Traffic Management

Use LED Screen Display instead of normal traffic signboard to alert the road users on important messages or to guide the traffics.

Applications Outdoor LED Content

Mobile LED Truck

Display your advertisements on the go with the mobile LED truck. LED screen display panels are mounted and lifted on one side of the truck.

Applications Outdoor LED Content

Message Sign

Variable Message Sign uses LED screen display panels to deliver messages, directly from the highway control and command centre.

Applications Outdoor LED Content


Reduce printing works with our BIG Indoor series LED Screen Display, where your promotions can be updated within a few mouse clicks.

Applications Outdoor LED Content

LED Sign Board

Replace your traditional signboard with our full colour LED sign board that can display dynamic messages that are more attractive.

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