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Interactive Touch Screen Solution

Touch Screen Technology with interactive solution that helps to automate services.

We help to design custom solution that can reach your audience with engaging interface & content.

Interactive Solution

Create Your Own Touch Screen Experience

We help to increase the efficiency of your organization or business by designing a custom interactive solution. Our touch screen solution provides interactive experience that helps to engage your audience.

Our services include solution design, consultation, content production, custom kiosk building and hardware installation.
Wayfinding kiosk

Wayfinding Solution

Wayfinding solution helps users to navigate and find their ways intuitively via an interactive touch screen kiosk. Engage the users with a user-friendly interface with dynamic interactive maps.

Food Ordering Solution

Food ordering solution provides a fast and accurate ordering process. Facilitate a comfortable dine-in experience and improve the customer service of your restaurant or coffee shop.

Self Order Kiosk

Self-ordering Solution

Whether it is a self-service kiosk or a tablet, our self-ordering system helps you to allow an efficient ordering process. It helps to move lines faster, serve more customers and increase the accuracy of orders.

Digital Directory Solution

Digital Directory Solution

Our digital directory solution is a custom built information-rich package that helps you to display the locations of places and people, helping visitors to meet their needs.

Samsung Digital Signage for Fashion Retail

Retail Kiosk Solution

Improve your customers’ engagement by providing an interactive information solution. Strengthen relationships and increase your sales numbers by displaying product information, availability and pricing.

Interactive Kiosks Content

Interactive Solution

A wide range of interactive solutions including info point, interactive kiosk solution, self-ordering kiosk and tourism kiosk. Share any idea with us and find out how we can get things moving.

Touch Screen Applications

restaurant self-service




education center




sales gallery solution

Sales Gallery

touch screen kiosk - train station

Transportation Hub

public interactive

Public Service


Features of Touch Screen Solution


A technology that recognizes multiple touch points on a screen.

Play Anywhere

Your solution can run on Windows, Android, Chrome, Tizen & iOS.

Interactive Experience

Create visually appealing and effective interactive digital experience.

Data Analytics

Collect, visualize and analyze your data. Gain meaningful user insights.

Flexible Screen Size

Run your solution on any screen size. Support landscape & portrait orientation.

Remote Control

Control and manage your solution remotely using mobile device.

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