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LED Display

Exclusive indoor LED advertising solutions that suit your business needs.

Reliable digital billboard & outdoor LED display solution by a professional LED screen supplier.

Narrow pixel pitch LED screen panel for high-resolution application at a close viewing distance.

High performance and durable transparent LED display for both indoor and outdoor applications.

LED displays with various shapes and sizes for any creative applications and customized designs.

Modular micro LED display that delivers a stunning high-resolution viewing experience.


Smart interactive panels are engineered to support both education and business applications.

Interactive smartboard product from Samsung. Available in both 55″ and 65″.


We provide design & installation service for interactive touch screen solution and kiosk solution.

Video conferencing products and solutions that help to create an effective meeting or conference.

Extensive range of speakers and audio equipment for various live sound and installed applications.

Creation of interactive digital experiences using touch screen monitors and interactive kiosks.

Digital Signage

Cutting-edge digital signage products and solutions to deliver timely and effective campaigns.

Digital kiosk or interactive kiosk delivers automated service and interactive digital experiences to users.

Digital LED Standee is an innovative free-standing display that uses LED screen panels.

Versatile and durable digital standee for both indoor and outdoor applications.

An ideal digital signage solution to deliver effective message using portrait or landscape orientation.

Self-emitting LED TV with larger screen size options for any commercial applications.

LED Display Articles

Digital billboard’s content can be updated instantly. No printing cost is involved.

Transform your wall or window into a see-through LED screen or transparent LED screen.

LED digital billboard uses LED screens to deliver outstanding outdoor viewing experience.

Fine pitch LED screen has lower pixel pitch. Lower pixel pitch has higher pixel density and resolution.

Factors that need to be considered when installing digital billboards in coastal areas.

Indoor LED displays are commonly used for various indoor applications.

Glasses-free 3D LED Screen allows viewer to enjoy 3D content without wearing any 3D glasses.

Interactive Smartboard Articles

A smartboard is also known as an interactive display panel. Widely for classes and meetings.

Smartboard helps to deliver efficient discussion and meeting experiences.

Interactive learning is possible with interactive smartboard. Invite students to take part actively.

Digital Signage Articles

How digital signage works? A complete guide to understanding the digital signage.

Digital signage vs traditional signage? Which is the best tool for your business?

A content management system (CMS) helps to manage and control the digital signage system.

Digital menu board is widely used in restaurants and F&B businesses.

Important factors to consider when installing outdoor digital kiosks.

Display brightness can affect the effectiveness of your digital signage applications.

Use the right displays for your business. Never use a TV for your advertising campaigns.

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