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LED Display

Discover unparalleled visual brilliance with VANTA COB microLED Display – an exclusive solution designed to elevate your indoor advertising. Tailored to meet your business needs, experience a new era of clarity, vibrancy, and innovation. Illuminate your brand with the future of display excellence.

Exclusive indoor LED advertising solutions that suit your business needs.

Reliable digital billboard & outdoor LED display solution by a professional LED screen supplier.

Narrow pixel pitch LED screen panel for high-resolution application at a close viewing distance.

High-definition indoor LED screen for exceptional viewing experience.

High performance and durable transparent LED display for both indoor and outdoor applications.

LED displays with various shapes and sizes for any creative applications and customized designs.

Modular micro LED display that delivers a stunning high-resolution viewing experience.

Digital billboard is an outdoor display that is used to capture attention and improve brand awareness.

An extremely flexible LED screen module that helps to shape various creative designs and applications.

High quality outdoor LED modules for seamless corners and superior weather resistance.

A wide range of LED display modules with various pixel pitch options available.

From corporate event and live music performance to marketing event and private occasion, engage your audience effectively by renting LED screens.

A total solution for your media façade or architectural lighting project by using a full menu of LED lighting products.


Smart interactive panels are engineered to support both education and business applications.

Samsung smartboard that improves interactive experience in smart classrooms, meeting rooms and offices.


We provide design & installation service for interactive touch screen solution and kiosk solution.

Video conferencing products and solutions that help to create an effective meeting or conference.

Deliver content quickly and effectively using a content management software.

Extensive range of speakers and audio equipment for various live sound and installed applications.

Technology-driven smartboard interactive solution for both office and smart classroom applications.

LED displays crafted for live sports applications.

Digital signage for restaurants or food and beverage businesses.

LED Wall for virtual production and XR LED stage.

Engage your audience like never before with dynamic and customizable content displayed on the LED scoreboard.

Digital Signage

Cutting-edge digital signage products and solutions to deliver timely and effective campaigns.

Digital kiosk or interactive kiosk delivers automated service and interactive digital experiences to users.

Digital LED Standee is an innovative free-standing display that uses LED screen panels.

Versatile and durable digital standee for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Customizable digital kiosks and digital signages to meet your unique requirements.

An ideal digital signage solution to deliver effective message using portrait or landscape orientation.

Self-emitting LED TV with larger screen size options for any commercial applications.

Digital signage media player is crucial in running a successful digital signage campaign.

Stunning see-through visual quality using the OLED technology.

A Samsung digital signage that helps businesses to engage their audiences.

Video wall is a multi-monitor setup that is built by multiple displays.

LED Display Module

P2 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 2.0mm.

P2.5 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm.

P3 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 3.0mm.

P4 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 4.0mm.

P5 LED display module with a pixel pitch of 5.0mm.

P2.5 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm.

P3 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 3.0mm.

P4 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 4.0mm.

P5 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 5.0mm.

P6.67 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 6.67mm.

P8 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 8.0mm.

P10 Outdoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 10.0mm.

P1 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.0mm.

P1.2 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.25mm.

P1.3 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.37mm.

P1.5 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm.

P1.6 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.66mm.

P1.8 Fine Pitch Indoor LED display module with a pixel pitch of 1.86mm.

LED Control System

NovaStar MSD300 LED sending card.

NovaStar MSD600 LED sending card.

NovaStar MCTRL300 LED display controller.

NovaStar MCTRL600 LED display controller.

NovaStar MCTRL660 LED display controller.

NovaStar MCTRL660 PRO LED display controller.

NovaStar MCTRL4K LED display controller.

NovaStar VX4s LED display controller.

NovaStar VX6s LED display controller.

NovaStar VX16s LED display controller.

NovaStar J6 seamless switcher.

LED Media Player

NovaStar TB2 LED media player.

NovaStar TB3 LED media player.

NovaStar TB4 LED media player.

NovaStar TB6 LED media player.

NovaStar TB8 LED media player.

Video Processor

NovaStar H5 video splicing processor.

NovaStar H9 video splicing processor.

NovaStar H15 video splicing processor.

Magnimage LED-550D LED video processor.

Magnimage LED-750H LED video processor.

Magnimage LED-760H LED video processor.

Magnimage LED-780H LED video processor.

Magnimage LED-W2000 LED video processor.

Magnimage LED-W4000 LED video processor.

LED Display Articles

Digital billboard’s content can be updated instantly. No printing cost is involved.

A complete guide which you can learn everything about LED Display. We cover important things that you need to know when using LED display in business.

Transform your wall or window into a see-through LED screen or transparent LED screen.

LED digital billboard uses LED screens to deliver outstanding outdoor viewing experience.

Fine pitch LED screen has lower pixel pitch. Lower pixel pitch has higher pixel density and resolution.

Factors that need to be considered when installing digital billboards in coastal areas.

Indoor LED displays are commonly used for various indoor applications.

Glasses-free 3D LED Screen allows viewer to enjoy 3D content without wearing any 3D glasses.

Interactive Smartboard Articles

A smartboard is also known as an interactive display panel. Widely for classes and meetings.

Smartboard helps to deliver efficient discussion and meeting experiences.

Interactive learning is possible with interactive whiteboard. Invite students to take part actively.

Smartboard could be the best display when compared to TV and projector screen…

Smartboard, IFP or IWB is a great device to have for teaching purposes.

Digital Signage Articles

How digital signage works? A complete guide to understanding the digital signage.

A complete guide to understand almost everything about the digital signage media player.

Digital signage vs traditional signage? Which is the best tool for your business?

A content management system (CMS) helps to manage and control the digital signage system.

Digital menu board is widely used in restaurants and F&B businesses.

Important factors to consider when installing outdoor digital kiosks.

Display brightness can affect the effectiveness of your digital signage applications.

Use the right displays for your business. Never use a TV for your advertising campaigns.

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