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Indoor LED Screen

P2.0 to P5.0 LED Screen Display. Premium picture quality at a cost-effective price. Suitable for various LED wall and indoor applications. 2 Years Warranty.

Indoor LED Content
Indoor LED Content

Indoor LED Display

P2 to P5 LED Screen Display. Premium picture quality at a cost-effective price. Suitable for various LED wall and indoor applications. 2 Years Warranty.

BIG INDOOR LED Screen Display

We supply a full range of indoor LED screen displays in Malaysia, marketed under BIG Indoor series and BIG Indoor Fine Pitch series. Pixel pitches available for BIG Indoor are P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0 and P5.0.

Suitable for medium to large LED screen installations. Indoor LED display is commonly used in sales galleries, meeting rooms, seminar halls, conference halls, hotel ballrooms, and building lobbies.

Indoor LED Screen In a Meeting Room
Indoor LED Display Module Application

Effective Display Tool

Indoor LED Display is an effective display tool for businesses to reach their customers by delivering engaging messages. With a broad range of pixel pitch options available, the BIG Indoor series is designed to meet various business needs and applications.

Indoor LED Content

High Performance Display

Our LED screen display is built by the smallest building blocks which are the LED modules. The BIG Indoor series utilizes premium quality LED modules which have the following characteristics.

  • Reliable Grade-A LED lamps with brightness levels that can go above 800 nits
  • Low brightness degradation over time, <15% over 3 years
  • High refresh driving IC for screen refresh frequency of up to 1,920~3,840Hz
  • SS-PWM IC for high colour greyscale levels of 14-16-bit 
  • Surface flatness of LED module within ±1mm 
  • Strengthened LED module back frame for extra rigidity and uniformity
Indoor LED Content
Besides, our LED module has a standard size of 320mm x 160mm across the whole range. Hence, we can move the product range up and down without changing the screen size. It helps to simplify the decision making and the system integration processes.
Indoor LED Content

Cost Effective Installation

BIG Indoor series’ LED modules can be attached directly onto a wall. It is suitable for any LED video wall applications. The product has several advantages such as:

  • Minimal space requirement, with up to 75mm wall depth
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Front serviceable
  • Cost effective
  • Short lead time
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High Precision LED Panel

The optional die-cast magnesium alloy panels allow more precise installation and screen assembly. By using the CNC manufacturing process, accuracy of the LED panel is kept within 0.01mm. The seamless joints between individual panels help to create a superior viewing experience.

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Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

Flexible Installation

Support standalone, ceiling hung and wall mount installation methods.

LED Display: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about LED Display. You will love this guide if you are looking to implement LED display in your business.

LED Screen VS Videowall

Videowall was a popular choice few years ago with the ability to form a giant screen by cascading multiple of TV-like screens with slim bezels. However, videowall has some problems such as:

  • Visible bezels between each videowall panel
  • Grid lines across the screen and it does not look good, especially on people’s faces
  • Each panel requires a very precise tuning & calibration to get even brightness and colours
  • One broken panel becomes a major issue as it affects the rest of the panels due to looping video signal

Our BIG indoor series’ LED Screen Display is bezel-less and seamless. Each LED module is tuned and calibrated from the factory. In short, our LED display can give you seamless and uniform visual experience.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content
Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

LED Screen VS Projector Screen

Are you still using projector screen? We believe you will face the following problems.

  • Projector screen is dim and not bright enough
  • Must turn off the lights / cover the windows when using the projector
  • Have to change the lamp bulb every few months
  • Need to service the filters and fans to prevent projector from overheating

If yes, then it is the right time to go for LED screen display and all of above problems can be mitigated. Our BIG Indoor series LED screen display is bright, vivid, and is maintenance free. The difference is day and night once you upgrade to our solution.

Indoor Fine Pitch LED Content

Applications of Indoor LED Screen Display

Applications Indoor LED Content

Sales Gallery

LED Screen Display can be used at sales gallery to display your product information, introductory video and even as a backdrop for your events.

Applications Indoor LED Content

Hotel Ballroom

Use the LED Screen Display as the hotel ballroom stage backdrop or mounted on the wall to display dynamic videos and images.

Applications Indoor LED Content

Exhibition Center

LED Screen Display can be installed at hall / exhibition center to project information or presentation slides to the participants.

Applications Indoor LED Content

Meeting Room

Use LED Screen Display instead of projector screen for bright and vivid visual, without turning off the room lights and rolling down the curtains.

Applications Indoor LED Content


LED Screen Display is modular, meaning you have full flexibility when designing one for advertising purpose, for full creativity.

Applications Indoor LED Content

Building Lobby

Modernize your building lobby with our BIG Indoor series LED Screen Display. It can be mounted on the wall, column and even ceiling.

Applications Indoor LED Content

Broadcast TV

With LED Screen Display, broadcast or TV station background can be changed in real time for information or decorative purposes.

Applications Indoor LED Content


Reduce printing works with our BIG Indoor series LED Screen Display, where your promotions can be updated within a few mouse clicks.

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