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Birkenstock Gurney Plaza


Gurney Plaza, Penang

About LED Display

Retail LED Screen is commonly used by retailers to attract passers-by and potential customers. A retailer can install LED screens in places such as the storefront, the in-store areas, and the payment counter. Some advantages of using retail LED screens are high screen brightness, modular sizes with customizable designs, improve customer engagement, and cost-effective solution.

Our team was assigned by Birkenstock Gurney Plaza to install a P2.5 LED Screen at its storefront. The LED display has a screen size of 1.28 x 2.4 meters. The display will be used to display various product videos and promotional messages.

About Birkenstock

Established in 1774, Birkenstock is a premium shoe manufacturer that offers great shoe products for all types of situations in life.

The shoe manufacturer has factories and production facilities in Germany. Where possible, most raw materials such as natural latex, brass, wool felt, leather and copper are sourced in Europe.

The heart of all Birkenstock models is the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed. It is a uniquely designed inner sole that can encourage proper foot health with special support elements.


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