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Chin Hin Sales Gallery


KL Gateway Mall, Kuala Lumpur

About Digital Kiosk

Digital signages, digital standees and digital kiosks are some of the most effective displays when it comes to engaging customers and visitors. These displays are used to provide information quickly to the users.

When equipped with a touch-screen feature, a digital kiosk can do more than information sharing. Users can now interact directly with the screen to get whatever content they want. Some digital kiosks even offer self-services such as bill payments, food ordering, and hotel check-in.

About Chin Hin Group

Chin Hin Group is a public-listed company in Malaysia that focuses on five different areas such as property development, construction, building materials, home & living, and solar energy.

The company has a mission of defining and developing environments and spaces of the future Malaysia. In order to contribute to a better future, the company believes in the power of innovations and latest technologies.

Some of the company’s core values include 

  • fulfilled balanced life
  • exceed expectation
  • influence & inspire others
  • be open & willing to share
  • do the right things
  • treat everyone like a family
  • embrace change & innovation
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