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Duta Marine Sdn Bhd


Kelana Square, Petaling Jaya

About Interactive Smartboard

Smartboard is a technology tool used in business and corporate offices to enhance engagement and communication. It is all-in-one feature product with touch screen interaction, smooth writing experience, equipped with latest hardware, screen mirroring features, and built in video conferencing system to replace the traditional projector screen and other systems in a common meeting room setup.

About Duta Marine Sdn Bhd

Duta Marine is a wholly-owned Malaysian Bumiputera corporation specializing in Offshore Marine Services for the Oil & Gas industry. Additionally, they serve as a crucial logistics partner supporting various industries, including government and private sectors.

Since their establishment in 1999, they have amassed extensive experience and a proven track record, solidifying their position as one of the leading companies supporting the offshore marine and logistics industry.

The dedicated team at Duta Marine is committed to delivering projects with the utmost quality of services, aiming to meet the diverse business expectations of their clients.

They highly value their networks both locally and globally, setting the highest commitment in each of their key operations while simultaneously striving to improve their quality and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) standards.

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