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Oceanergy Gases Sdn Bhd


Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

About Interactive Smartboard

Equipped with a front camera and a pair of speakers, VEXO Smart Interactive Panel can be used to host or join video conferences with ease. 

In addition to video conferencing, the interactive smartboard can also support both whiteboard and annotation features. The whiteboard feature allows users to sketch, write or draw any idea freely on the screen. On the other hand, the annotation feature is very useful when it comes to making notes directly on top of any digital documents such as PDF, images and Word. The annotated notes can be saved and exported as image files.

About Oceanergy Gases

Since established in 2011, Oceanergy Gases Sdn Bhd has been providing customers with various services related to engineering, on-shore oil & gas pipeline, and metering system. Today, the company is the leading natural gas and oil producer in Southeast Asia.

The company focuses on on-shore piping systems for industrial gases, natural gas and liquified petroleum gas. It has been working hard and relentlessly for years due to the rising demand of oil & gas services. 

The company has an exciting portfolio of projects. The company’s clientele includes MMC-Gamuda, The Linde Group, Petronas, Gas Malaysia, Genting Malaysia, and BASF.

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