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Pejabat DYMM Sultan Selangor


Istana Alam Shah, Klang


LED Screen Rental – P2 Indoor LED Screen 5m x 3m

About LED Screen Rental

Pejabat DYMM Sultan Selangor organized a health-themed event at Istana Alam Shah, on November 9, 2022.

Our team was assigned to install a P2 Indoor LED Screen at the event venue. The LED Screen has a pixel pitch of 2mm and a screen size of 5m x 3m.

The event agendas include body check-up, blood donation, quizzes, and cooking demonstration. The highlight of the event was the cooking demonstration of healthy recipes. The whole cooking process was shot and displayed live on the rented LED screen.

About Istana Alam Shah

Located in the royal city of Klang in Selangor, Istana Alam Shah is the palace of the Sultan Selangor. Customs involving the Sultan Selangor are held officially at the palace, such as royal birthdays and coronations.

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