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Tong Sui Po


Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

About Digital Signages

It is always a great challenge for F&B businesses to attract and engage their customers. In the old days, businesses were using traditional tools such as signboards, banners, buntings, and blackboards to promote their products or services.

Today, customer preferences have changed a lot. Customers have shorter attention span and they are immune to static and traditional displays. These are the reasons why digital signages are getting popular nowadays. 

Tong Sui Po has appointed our team to install an outdoor digital signage and a stretched bar display at their store. These fantastic signages will be used to display various food images and menus. Attractive content can always help to engage customers effectively.

About Tong Sui Po

Located in Penang island, Tong Sui Po serves various traditional Chinese desserts, cold treats, and snacks. The store is one of the most visited places in the neighborhood. Some of the all-time favorites include black sesame soup, green bean soup, honeydew sago, bubur cha cha, and pancakes.

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