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P2.0 Indoor LED Module

P2 LED Display Module

Indoor LED Display

  • Deliver amazing picture quality with pixel pitch of 2.0mm
  • Support various information format such as text, image, video and graphics
  • For diverse indoor applications

2.0mm Pixel Pitch

P2.0 indoor LED display is one of the most suitable displays for various indoor applications. It is widely used for retail advertising, public service announcement and information sharing.

Indoor LED Display Module Application

P2 Indoor LED Screen

  • P2.0 LED display module with pixel pitch of 2.0mm.
  • Optimized for high-definition image display.
  • Natural color with 16-bit color depth.
  • Utilizing high quality LED lamps.
P2.0 Indoor LED Module
P2 Indoor LED Module

High Image Quality

Deliver clean and impressive images.

Installation Styles

Suitable for various installation styles such as hanging and wall.

Easy Installation

Effortless installation enables faster setup of the solution.

High Efficiency

High efficient LED chips with low power consumption.

P2.0 Indoor LED Display - Specification

Model P2
Pixel Pitch 2.0mm
Module Size 320 x 160mm
Module Resolution 160 x 80 dots
LED Lamp Type SMD 1515 Black LED (3-IN-1 RGB)
Brightness 800 – 1,200nits (Adjustable)
Refresh Rate 1,920Hz ~ 3,840Hz
Greyscale 16-bit (281 trillion color) / 65,536 shades per primary color
Driving Method 1/40
Min Viewing Distance > 2.0 meter
Pixel Density / m2 250,000 dots
Standard Panel Bare/ Steel Iron/ Magnesium Alloy
Power Rating (Typ) 150W/m2
Max Power Rating 450W/m2

Indoor LED Screen Applications

P2 Retail LED Screen

Retail Advertising

  • P2 Indoor LED Display (Vertical Screen) at Under Armour Pavilion KL.
  • Act as an in-store display.
  • Grab visitor attention and improve customer engagement.
Sales Gallery - Indoor LED Display Application

Sales Gallery

  • P2.5 Indoor LED display at Beverly WM Sales Gallery.
  • Improve visitor and customer engagement.
  • Display property information and introduction video.

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