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Aspen Vision City Sales Gallery

Batu Kawan, Penang


  • Service & Maintenance for Two Units of P4 Indoor LED screens

About LED Screen Display

Aspen Group was facing some technical issues with their P4 indoor led screens installed at the sales gallery. The LED screens were installed few years ago by other vendors, and used daily to show corporate videos, sales kit and latest development news. 

The screens were operating for around 12-14 hours daily for few years and some components inside were degraded, which caused some issues on the screen. Therefore, we were engaged to provide service & maintenance on these 2 LED screens.Our team quickly diagnosed and troubleshooted the LED screens, replaced the defective components and the LED screens were back to operation. We also standby for their major sales event, where the screens were used to display queue numbers for the buyers. 

The event was completed in a successful manner with the LED screen running without issues. Overall client is satisfied with the service provided.

About Aspen Group

Aspen Group is a Penang-based property development and real estate investment group founded on the principle of delivering quality and affordability in an ever-changing property development industry. Aspen Group believes that success comes from a relentless focus on innovation, creativity and execution. Our culture is built on having the courage to do what others may think is impossible. Today, this courage is what propels us forward, to act boldly and to make smart decisions that grow our capabilities as a visionary developer, corporate citizen and reputable company.


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