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ASUS Sunway Pyramid

About Digital Kiosk

Our team has installed a VEXO Digital Kiosk 50″ at ASUS Concept Store Sunway Pyramid. Beside, the team has also installed a VEXO Digital Kiosk 75″ at ASUS Exclusive Store Sunway Pyramid.

Both digital kiosks are equipped with the touch-screen features. They provide highly-interactive experiences that can engage users or customers effectively. The kiosks are used to display product information and promotional messages. Customers can always interact with the kiosks to look for relevant information.

About ASUS

As one of the top consumer laptop vendors in the world, ASUS is a well-known brand in Malaysia. Beside of laptop products, ASUS also provides a wide range of computer and IT products including smartphones, desktops, motherboards, and servers.

ASUS is also a well-recognized brand all around the world. In 2019, it won more than 11 awards or recognitions from some prestigious organizations and media groups. 

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