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Avenys Aeon Alpha Angle


Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

About Fine Pitch LED Display

Fine pitch LED display offers higher resolution and screen brightness. Generally, it can provide a more superior viewing experience when compared to other LED displays. It also has a shorter viewing distance where viewers can stand closer to enjoy the immersive experience.

Avenys Aeon Alpha Angle appointed our team to install a P1.86 fine pitch LED display at its retail store. The LED display has a screen size of 2,560 x 1,440mm. 

In-store LED display can help to capture customers’ attention easily. It is an ideal display for any retail business due to its powerful ability in engaging customers.

About Avenys

Founded by Aleeya Zailan in 2015, Avenys Malaysia Sdn Bhd offers affordable, effective and high quality skincare product to the local market. The company has been putting adequate effort in sourcing and manufacturing the products with the best ingredients provided by Korean and Japan suppliers.

Avenys has a clear mission in mind. The company promises to provide practical, halal and dermatologist tested skincare solutions for the customers.

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