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Cafe Colombo IOI City Mall



About Digital Standee

Digital standee can be used to display café food and beverages menu and promotional contents, replacing the traditional printed poster or banner method. By utilising our Vsign Cloud Content Management system, Café Colombo has creatively designed their menu contents focuses on the weekday and weekend menus and having specific or special promotion menu to target their customers.

About Cafe Colombo

Under Valiram Group, Cafe Paradiso Sdn Bhd goes by the name of Café Colombo is a restaurant that serves Sri Lankan menu and flavours. Customers can enjoy a colonial-era architectural and beautiful murals interior design which illustrates Sri Lanka’s wildlife animals, from elephant to the purple-faced leaf monkey, fine-feathered hanging parrots to blue peacocks, spectacular amid stately stupas. Menu such as Lamb Shanks Curry, Gotukola-Coconut Salad, Sweet Appam, Chicken Varuval with Roast Paan are some of their highly recommended dishes by their customers.

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