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Pertubuhan Penganut Vethathiri SKY Manavalakalai Malaysia


Dewan Serbaguna Vethathiri, Rembau

About P2.5 Indoor LED Screen

Our team was appointed to install P2.5 Indoor LED Screen at Dewan Serbaguna Vethathiri. The Indoor LED Screen has a screen width of 5.12 meters and a screen height of 2.88 meters.

The Indoor LED Screen will be used as a backdrop for any stage event.

About Pertubuhan Penganut Vethathiri SKY Manavalakalai Malaysia

The Dewan Serbaguna Vethathiri serves as a pivotal hub for the Pertubuhan Penganut Vethathiri SKY Manavalakalai Malaysia, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting world peace through yoga, meditation, and introspection courses. As an NGO, their mission is to foster global harmony and well-being by imparting ancient wisdom and practices that encourage inner peace and spiritual growth. Through their programs and initiatives, they strive to empower individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their connection to the world around them, ultimately contributing to the collective pursuit of peace and unity on a global scale.

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