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DKLS Construction Sdn Bhd


Ipoh, Perak

About Smartboard

VEXO Smart Interactive Panel S3X is a popular display tool that is used commonly in various meeting or conference rooms. While it is not equipped with a built-in camera, the user can always connect to an external conference camera easily due to its versatile connection options.

Powered by both Android and Windows operating systems, a wide range of applications and features are available, such as smart annotation, whiteboarding, internet browsing, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

About DKLS Construction

DKLS Construction is a professional and diversified construction company in Malaysia. It is a registered Grade “G7” contractor and has been involving in various construction projects since the 90s. Some of the projects involved are bridges, airport runways, highways, commercial buildings, residences, water treatment plants and hydro power plants.

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