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Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd


Kemaman, Terengganu

About Interactive Flat Panel

While an interactive flat panel (smartboard) is commonly used in a larger meeting room, the display is also a great tool to be used in an executive office. The display can help to facilitate small discussions and video conferences in an executive room.

About Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd

Located at Kemaman town of Terengganu state, Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd is a steel and iron manufacturer that has an annual production capacity of 700,000 metric tons. Invested by both Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group and Hiap Teck Venture Berhad, the company is one of the leading steel producers in the Southeast Asian market.

The two main products of the company are billet and slab. Billet is widely used in the manufacturing of wire rod, rebar and ribbon. The company’s products are widely used in various applications such as shipping, construction, machinery, automobile, railway, and household appliances.


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