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Klang, Selangor

About Interactive Smartboard

Smartboard is a technology tool used in business and corporate offices to enhance engagement and communication. It is all-in-one feature product with touch screen interaction, smooth writing experience, equipped with latest hardware, screen mirroring features, and built in video conferencing system to replace the traditional projector screen and other systems in a common meeting room setup.

About FGV IFFCO Sdn Bhd

Formerly recognized as Felda IFFCO Sdn Bhd, FGV IFFCO Sdn Bhd stands as a robust joint venture between FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) and IFFCO Holdings Limited (IFFCO). This collaborative synergy merges FGV’s prominence as one of the world’s largest plantation companies and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) producers with IFFCO’s stature as the UAE’s leading manufacturer and marketer of an extensive range of consumer goods and industrial food products in the Middle East and Africa. Together, they have cultivated a company equipped with comprehensive expertise in manufacturing and distribution, positioned to meet the diverse needs of the burgeoning global fats and oils industry.

FGV IFFCO orchestrates a seamlessly integrated value chain, spanning oil palm cultivation, milling, refining, processing, branding, and global distribution. The company not only delivers a diverse array of palm and palm kernel-based oils and fats to households worldwide but also manufactures derivatives and intermediates crucial for various applications, including baking, food, and non-food sectors.

Deeply rooted in FGV and FELDA’s legacy as a Palm Oil Plantation Cooperative Farmers Movement, FGV IFFCO is dedicated to sustainability and fostering partnerships with farmers engaged in oil palm cultivation and milling processes. This commitment reflects the company’s origins while actively contributing to the global fats and oils industry. FGV IFFCO Sdn Bhd, with its steadfast dedication to quality and sustainability, continues to emerge as a driving force, shaping the trajectory of the dynamic fats and oils sector on a global scale.

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