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Fourier Intelligence Sdn Bhd


Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

About P2 Fine Pitch Indoor LED Screen for Fourier Intelligence

We were appointed by Fourier Intelligence to install a 120” large P2.0 indoor LED screen for their new Malaysia office at Bangsar South. The high resolution P2.0 indoor LED Screen measures 2560 x 1440mm which is larger than even today’s largest LCD TV at 110”. The LED screen is used by customer to playback their product videos, and as a digital media backdrop to welcome their guests and visitors.

About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence is an advanced medical technology company specializing in the development of advanced rehabilitation and assistive robotic solutions. Fourier Intelligence combines robotics, artificial intelligence, and clinical expertise to create innovative products that enable enhanced mobility and functional recovery, with a focus on improving the quality of life for individuals with physical impairments.

With a diverse portfolio of products and solutions, Fourier Intelligence caters to various rehabilitation needs across different age groups and conditions. Their range of devices includes exoskeletons, robotic gait training systems, upper limb rehabilitation devices, and virtual reality-based therapy platforms. These solutions are designed to facilitate intensive and personalized therapy sessions, providing precise assistance and feedback to optimize the rehabilitation process.

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