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Frost n Bites Pavilion Damansara Heights


Pavilion Damansara Heights


VEXO Smart Digital Signage 49″ x 3 Units

About The Project

Businesses from various industries have been using digital signages for a wide variety of applications in achieving their goals. Digital signages are commonly used as digital menu boards at quick-service restaurants. 

Frost n Bites has appointed us to install three units of VEXO Smart Digital Signage at their store at Pavilion Damansara Heights. The digital signages have a screen size of 49 inches. They are used to display food menus and food photos to help customers in making their purchases.

Digital signage helps to provide a dynamic and colourful food menu. Digital food menu can engage customers and thus improve the customer relationship effectively.

About Frost n Bites

Frost n Bites is a team that has been working hard to establish a whole-new concept for a gelato store. In addition to gelato, the team also provides a wide range of offerings such as their very own home-baked Brussels, Croissant Waffles, and Sourdough Waffles.

Frost n Bites has its very own in-house creator. Chef Ekin Ahmad has been a huge inspiration to the brand. She has invented all kinds of new gelato creations. All creations use only the freshest and the best-quality local food ingredients.

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