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Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

About Outdoor LED Display

GEMBOX is a hip and cool hangout spot. To attract customers effectively, the venue needs something that is hip enough to grab attention. Our team was assigned to install a P4 Outdoor LED Display and a P6.67 three sided Outdoor LED Display.

The P4 Outdoor LED Display has an incredible screen width that measures up to 13.44 metres! The screen is wide enough to display digital content in wide screen formats.

On the other hand, the P6.67 Outdoor LED Display is built with three screens that are facing three different directions. All three screens have a screen height of 2.88 metres. Two screens have a width of 2.88 metres while another screen has a width of 5.76 metres.


GEMBOX is an exciting project that aims to provide visitors a cool hangout spot to explore local delights at night. Adopting the concept of night markets, the platform gathers various iconic vendors and food business owners from different states of the nation. Its main mission is to offer an exciting night market experience that can create a positive impact in the local community.


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