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About Interactive Flat Panel

VEXO Smart Interactive Panel V5X is one of the most effective digital displays to be used in a meeting room. The smartboard has a large screen size of 86 inches and it is suitable for a room with more than 10 people.

The smartboard can provide interactive experiences that engage meeting participants. Participants can share their ideas by drawing, writing or sketching directly on the screen. Besides, thanks to the equipped OPS module, the smartboard can also be used to run various Windows applications.


As a subsidiary company of TNB Renewable Sdn Bhd, GSPARX Sdn Bhd provides solar energy solutions to various houses, businesses, and government buildings. The company’s main focus is to offer convenient and affordable green solutions.

GSPARX is different from other players in the market. They only work with top-tier Solar PV module suppliers and manufacturers. When assigning installers, they also work with experienced SEDA and ST’s registered installers. These groups of installers can work under strict requirements to ensure the top most quality of services.


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