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Highlands Park City


Genting Highlands, Pahang

About P4 Outdoor LED Screen for Highlands Park City Sales Gallery

We were consulted by Highland Park City to design and build a ultrawide high resolution LED screen for their upcoming sales gallery for the Highlands Park City project at Genting Highland. The requirements to install this LED screen are high brightness, durable under high humidity, long running hours and low power consumption without additional air-conditioning. Common indoor LED screen is not suitable due to the high humidity nature at Genting Highlands that can exceed 80~90% RH most of the time. Therefore, we finalized to utilize our BIG Outdoor series P4 LED screen that can withstand high humidity environment. Furthermore, a special black-seal coating was applied on the PCB layer to block out moisture from contacting the driving IC, further enhancing the reliability of the module.

The result of the development is an ultra-wide LED screen that measures 13440 x 4800mm with a 4.0mm pixel pitch at an astonishing resolution of 3360 x 1200 pixels. The display is matched to a state-of-the-art 4K LED video processor that can process 4K UHD signals in real time. End user can operate the LED screen 24/7 with high system reliability without any worries even under very high humidity.

About Highlands Park City

Highlands Park City is the latest and largest Sustainable Eco Development by Highlands Park City Sdn Bhd. The development is located within proximity of Genting Highlands. The idea of the development is to develop the area accordingly to calibrate and coincide harmoniously between the tourism township and natural beauty of the nature. As a result, the Highlands Park City will be developed by mainly focusing on various amenities which would benefit the local community lifestyle and provide more wellbeing, well-planned nature theme infrastructures. Highlands Park City is 30-45 min journey to Kuala Lumpur City Center and the current phase of development is the King’s Park, which is the longest street mall in Malaysia.

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