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Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS)



About Interactive Smartboard

Smartboard is a technology tool used in business and corporate offices to enhance engagement and communication. It is all-in-one feature product with touch screen interaction, smooth writing experience, equipped with latest hardware, screen mirroring features, and built in video conferencing system to replace the traditional projector screen and other systems in a common meeting room setup.

About Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS)

Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS), under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development in Malaysia, is instrumental in nurturing sustainable development, particularly in rural areas. KEMAS implements tailored programs covering education, skills development, and entrepreneurship to enhance the quality of life and economic resilience in communities. Noteworthy is its commitment to early childhood education through “Tabika” preschools, fostering foundational learning. By actively engaging with local leaders and residents, KEMAS ensures community-driven initiatives, reflecting specific needs and aspirations. Additionally, KEMAS plays a pivotal role in disaster management, empowering communities to respond effectively to challenges. In essence, KEMAS stands as a key driver in realizing resilient and thriving communities through its holistic approach to community development.

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