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Jaya DIY Mart

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


About Digital Standee

A digital standee or a floor stand can be a great advertising tool for your retail business. A single-sided digital standee shows content on one side only, but it does not stop you from reaching your customers with interesting and informative content.

The digital standee has a higher flexibility in displaying content. You can choose to display your content in various formats, such as images, texts and videos. Besides, unlike traditional signage, you can update your standee’s content easily with just a few clicks.

About Jaya DIY Mart

Jaya DIY Mart Sdn. Bhd. provides a wide range of products at an affordable price. Products provided include door locks and hardware, drivers, drills, saws, bathroom set and many more. 

The store is the perfect place for professional hardware users and DIY enthusiasts to look for DIY household products & solutions.

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