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EMBA Event at Johor Educity


Nusajaya, Johor


LED Screen Rental – P2.0 Indoor LED Screen
Sound System Rental

About Screen & Sound Rental

Our team was assigned to provide rental services of LED screen and sound system for an EMBA event at the Johor Educity. The event was held on 16th of December in 2022. It welcomed EMBA students from National University of Singapore.

The rented LED display has a screen size of 5 x 3 meters and a pixel pitch of 2mm. A P2 LED screen can provide a sharp and clear viewing experience, especially when the viewing distance is short at a smaller hall.

About Johor Educity

Developed under the National Key Economic Area, Educity Iskandar is an education city that aims to provide world-class education with various institutions and facilities. In addition to accredited educational institutions, staff and students can also have access to various sports and recreational facilities.

With an area of 305 acres, the education city has 4 international and 2 local higher education institutions. Besides, it also has 3 international schools and a training academy. Some of the institutions include University of Reading Malaysia, Raffles University, Educity International College, Marlborough College Malaysia and Educity Academy.

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