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Kaga Amusement Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Paradigm Mall, Selangor

About Digital Standee

VEXO Digital Standee provides extra flexibility when it comes to installation. When the standee is equipped with castor wheels, it can be moved around easily. This feature makes VEXO Digital Standee a great display tool to be used in any roadshows and exhibitions.

We delivered a VEXO Non-touch Digital Standee 55 Inches to Kaga Amusement Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The standee is then deployed to be used at a roadshow at Paradigm Mall in November 2022.

About Kaga Amusement

As a subsidiary of Kaga Amusement Co., Ltd., Kaga Amusement Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a trading company that provides a wide range of playground equipment, arcade machines, and amusement services to customers in Southeast Asia.


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