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Kiwitech Sdn bhd


MITC, Melaka

About LED Display Rental

LED display screen is an in-trend effective display solution used for attracting attention and engagement, commonly used for short term corporate event, live concert & music performance, marketing event and private occasion. Big Screen Media offers customizable Indoor LED Screen for rental, suitable for various indoor applications managed and led by an experienced & passionate Audio Visual team with years of technical experience to support various event requirement and needs.  

About Kiwitech Sdn bhd

Kiwitech Sdn Bhd is a company specializing in the latest security systems and current technology trends. They boast a technical team comprising highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of security systems.

By capitalizing on the existing digital infrastructure and assets in Malaysian cities, Kiwitech Sdn Bhd positions itself as a Digital Platform and Ecosystem Integrator for Smart and Low Carbon Cities. They is at the forefront of the integrated and systemized implementation approach through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with cities. “Bridging the Future to You” is a commitment to delivering value creations for clients, partners, and communities, contributing to a sustainable future. They participated in the Smart Melaka Expo 2023 event.

Big Screen Media were beyond grateful and was given the opportunity to setup the P2.5 Indoor LED Screen at the size of 2.5meter (W) x 2.5meter (H) at MITC, Melaka as part of the support team in providing the LED Screen rental service for the event Smart Melaka Expo 2023.


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