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Majlis Ikrar Bebas Rasuah


KPJ Healthcare University


About LED Display Rental

LED display screen is an in-trend effective display solution used for attracting attention and engagement, commonly used for short term corporate event, live concert & music performance, marketing event and private occasion. Big Screen Media offers customizable Indoor LED Screen for rental, suitable for various indoor applications managed and led by an experienced & passionate Audio Visual team with years of technical experience to support various event requirement and needs.

About KPJ Healthcare University

KPJ Healthcare University (KPJU) (formerly known as PNC International College of Nursing and Health Sciences) is a subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, a key private healthcare services provider. Established on 1st April 1991, KPJU has been, from the outset, a progressive and entrepreneurial institution of higher learning with an international vision, placing students at the core of everything they do. With 30 years of valuable experience and an unsurpassed academic track record, KPJU is a premier college of higher learning recognized locally and internationally. Their dynamic and meteoric growth has made an indelible mark in their achievements since their inception. Their rapid expansion to fulfill market demands has positioned KPJU not only as a very viable business entity but also a reliable and credible service provider. KPJU has a tradition of purposeful nurturing of talents, in tandem with the ideals of caring, perseverance, adaptability, versatility, and selflessness. Recently, KPJ Healthcare University held Majlis Ikrar Bebas Rasuah, further emphasizing their commitment to ethical practices. The students are instilled with an attitude of universality which unifies and synthesizes, transcending racial, cultural, social, and geographical boundaries, preparing them to deliver the best healthcare services to patients and customers.

Big Screen Media was beyond grateful to be given the opportunity to set up the P2.5 Indoor LED Screen, which has a screen size of 5 meters (W) x 3 meters (H), at KPJ Healthcare University. This was part of the support team’s efforts in providing LED screen rental services for Majlis Ikrar Bebas Rasuah.

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