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KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital


Ipoh, Perak

About LED Display

A P2.5 Indoor LED Screen is installed at the main lobby of KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital. The display has a large screen size of 4.48 x 2.08 meters and can be viewed clearly by audiences from different directions and viewing distances.

Using an LED Display is one of the best methods for the hospital to reach and to relay information to both visitors and patients. The LED Display can be used by the hospital to display content such as service information, event information, and announcements.

About KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital

Established for more than 40 years, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital is one of the top private healthcare centres in Perak. From 75 beds in the early stage to 275 beds today, the hospital has been providing various healthcare and medical services to the local community for years.

Besides, the hospital is also well recognized as the pioneer hospital in Perak that  provides cardiac thoracic services, cardiac cartelization, neurosurgical treatments, and oncology services.

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