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KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital


Larkin, Johor Bahru


VEXO Dual Screen Lift Signage 18.5″ + 10.1″ x 5 Units

About Dual Screen Lift Signage

Revolutionize the way you communicate in business with VEXO Dual Screen Lift Signage. Engage your audience like never before, simultaneously delivering multiple messages for maximum impact. Sleek, intuitive, and adaptable, VEXO seamlessly integrates into any business environment, ensuring your brand stands out with clarity and sophistication. Elevate your business communication and make every message count with VEXO Dual Screen Lift Signage.

KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital has appointed us to install five units of VEXO Dual Screen Lift Signage at their lift. The Dual Screen Lift Signages have a screen size of 18.5 inches plus 10.1 inches. They are used to display hospital information and advertisements.

About KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital

KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital (KPJ PSH), formerly known as Medical Centre (Johor) Sdn Bhd, is strategically located in the Larkin area. Operating since June 1, 1986, it became part of Johor Corporation on March 1, 1993. KPJ PSH is a subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJHB), the largest group of private healthcare providers in Malaysia.

KPJ PSH offers a comprehensive range of services, including Accident & Emergency Services and Intensive Care Services for adults, children, and neonates. Other services encompass Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, Urology Ward, Orthopaedic Ward, Paediatric Ward, Maternity Ward, Nursery, Diagnostic Imaging Services, Laboratory Services, Physiotherapy Services, Rehabilitation Services, as well as a well-stocked Pharmacy.

Supporting government initiatives for better healthcare in society, KPJ PSH is a pioneer in the southern region as the first private hospital to receive Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) certification from the Ministry of Health (MOH). The hospital actively promotes government efforts to encourage breastfeeding for all newborns.

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