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Leather Avenue Holding Sdn Bhd


Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

About The Project

For years, retail businesses have been finding and testing various methods in reaching their target audiences effectively. One of the proven ways is to use retail LED screens. 

Whether it is installed in a store or at the storefront, a retail LED screen can grab visitors’ attention easily. When the visitors are engaged, it can improve the walk-in traffic and thus drive further actions.

Leather Avenue’s new P3 Indoor LED Screen has a unique L shape with a screen size of 1536 x 1536mm. It is installed at the entrance of its retail store at Low Yat Plaza.

About Leather Avenue

As one of the leading leather bags and goods retailers in Malaysia, Leather Avenue strives to provide a wide range of high-quality products with famous brand names such as Cerruti 1881, Esfolar, Charles Bekerly, and Mendoza. 

The company’s retail stores can be found in most shopping malls in the country. The company puts a lot of effort in satisfying different requirements and tastes of customers.


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