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Masjid Al-I'tisam


Shah Alam, Selangor

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About Masjid Al-I'tisam

Established in 1997 as a humble surau, Masjid Al-I’tisam in Shah Alam has grown into a pivotal spiritual and communal hub. Beyond its role in Muslim worship, the mosque serves as a center for knowledge dissemination, offering maahad tahfiz, Al-Quran classes, and KAFA classes. With a population exceeding 12,000 and rapid local development, the mosque faced challenges in accommodating its growing congregation, prompting a phased expansion initiative from 2015. The expansion aims to make Masjid Al-I’tisam a core hub for worship, education, and community activities. The mosque’s long-term vision emphasizes community consensus and ongoing philanthropic efforts, aspiring to be a living testament to the hearts of its congregants and contributing to their spiritual and social well-being.

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