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Mega Square Sdn Bhd


Sungai Siput, Perak

About Interactive Smartboard

Smartboard is a technology tool used in business and corporate offices to enhance engagement and communication. It is all-in-one feature product with touch screen interaction, smooth writing experience, equipped with latest hardware, screen mirroring features, and built in video conferencing system to replace the traditional projector screen and other systems in a common meeting room setup.

About Mega Square Sdn Bhd

Mega Square Sdn Bhd‘s strategic expansion over the past years has allowed them to employ over 400 people and produce a wide range of wire harnesses adhering to stringent international standards, including ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949, and ISO14001 Certification. Their specialized products, made to customer order, include Cable Assemblies, Wire Harness Assemblies, Automotive Cable Assemblies, Electro-mechanical Assemblies, Molded Parts, RCA/DIN Wire Assemblies, and Processed Wires.

Serving the OEM and cable assembly companies across various industries, their talented engineers use their expertise and resources to assist clients during the prototyping phase. Mega Square’s extensive electrical and electronic cabling experience contributes significantly to developing high-quality products at the lowest possible cost. By utilizing the combined capabilities of their manufacturing location, Mega Square can produce nearly any type of wire harness, cable assembly, or control panel required for their clients’ applications.

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