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Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur

About LED Display Rental

LED display screen is an in-trend effective display solution used for attracting attention and engagement, commonly used for short term corporate event, live concert & music performance, marketing event and private occasion. Big Screen Media offers customizable Indoor LED Screen for rental, suitable for various indoor applications managed and led by an experienced & passionate Audio Visual team with years of technical experience to support various event requirement and needs.  

About MyDigitalMaker

#MyDigitalMaker is a national movement aimed at creating awareness and engagement among youth to transform them from being just heavy digital users to producers in the digital world.

This movement brings together youths, parents, teachers, and industry leaders to explore opportunities for enhancing creativity among the youth to create using digital technologies.

It encourages the public to support this transformation by volunteering to teach and inspire students, as well as pledging their support for #mydigitalmaker. If they can dream it, they should make it.

Big Screen Media were beyond grateful and was given the opportunity to setup the P2.5 Indoor LED Screen at the size of 7meter (W) x 2meter (H), 2meter (W) x 2meter (H), and 1meter (W) x 2meter (H) at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur as part of the support team in providing the LED Screen rental service for the event MyDigitalMaker.


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