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Nabe Hotpot & Sukiyaki


Mytown Shopping Center, Cheras

About Digital Standee

Nabe Hotpot & Sukiyaki at Mytown Shopping Centre decided to install a VEXO Single-sided Digital Standee at its storefront to capture customers’ attention. 

The standee has a screen size of 55 inches. The large screen is used to display various promotional images and videos. When the brand messages are relayed effectively, customers will most likely walk-in and enjoy a feast at the restaurant.

About Nabe Hotpot & Sukiyaki

Nabe Hotpot & Sukiyaki is one of the best Japanese steamboat restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Nabe is a popular dish in Japan where mushrooms, vegetables and meats are served in a hot pot. The broth in a hot pot plays an extremely crucial role. At Nabe Hotpot & Sukiyaki, there are various soup options to choose. They are tomato soup, Mala spicy soup, tomyum soup, kimchi soup, and miso soup.

Sukiyaki is also served in a hot pot but it is actually different from Nabe. The most obvious difference is that vegetables and meats are dipped in the raw beaten eggs for Sukiyaki.


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